Mexican Street Food that You Must Try

Mexicans have many varied and tasteful traditional foods. People around the world may have tried Mexican food in their countries, but they should know that it does not compare with the dishes prepared in Mexico: they have a unique, “magic” touch that will make you love her.
You should know that one of the ingredients that all Mexican food must include is hot spicy, this is the characteristic flavor of this region, so try to buy a refreshing drink to combat or level this.
Street food you must try
Tacos: If you visited Mexico and did not eat tacos, you did not go to Mexico! This is a saying that every tourist who has visited this country insists upon it. The traditional ingredient of tacos is corn. Mexicans swear the secret ingredient is the Mexican soil, as it has nutritional properties that allow the corn to have a more flavorful and crispy taste.
The tacos are toasted corn tortillas filled in different ways; the most common filling is meat with coriander onion and hot sauce. However, there are several ways to prepare them. In case you are a vegetarian, you should try a presentation called Nopal taco.
Tlayuda: This is a typical dish of the state of Oaxaca; it is a corn tortilla that can measure up to 40 centimeters in diameter. Although it is generally prepared for one person, in some restaurants, they cook it for two. 
It has a reasonably crunchy consistency; its filling is very varied, and generally, each client chooses by themselves what they want to have on top of their corn tortilla. The key ingredient of Tlayuda is a traditional cheese from Oaxaca called Quesillo.
Mole: In many parts of the world, Mole is known as a Mexican sauce, but the truth is that this is a great Mexican dish that you must simply try! It is a piece of meat (beef or chicken) overflowing in a sauce with a lot of special spices and chili among them. You will find it in many restaurants because it is a very typical dish in the country.
Escamoles and chapulines: Here, one of the most exotic and strange dishes of the Mexican region but that you must try at least once in your life is an ant larvae and small grasshoppers that are bred and fried. Although it is a dish that may seem very extravagant, the truth is that these animals have up to 4 times more protein and nutrients than any meat. Chapulines (Grasshoppers) are raised specially for their consumption, as are other insects like escamoles, vinguitos, chinicuiles and acociles.