Mexican Romeo and Juliet

The Callejón del Beso for everyone who comes to Guanajuato, Mexico with her couple is a place that should not be missed. There is a legend that has traveled through time by word of mouth. This legend is about two loved ones: Carmen and Don Carlos.

Carmen was the only daughter of a jealous, strict and violent father who kept her isolated from society. But like every intelligent woman, Carmen from time to time took her getaways. In one of them she met Don Carlos, a humble miner, with whom she saw herself in one of the many churches in Guanajuato near her home, but one day she was discovered by her father, who without much thought locked her up and threatened to send her to a convent and later marry her off to a rich and old Spanish nobleman, who would do the father a favor as he would increase his fortune.  In those days, most maids had a lady-in-waiting as their faithful servant; so Carmen asked her companion to send a letter to Don Carlos in which she warned him about her father’s plans.  Don Carlos, like everyone in love, was thinking about what he had to do. He noticed that one of the windows in Carmen’s house faced a narrow alley.

This one was so narrow that just by leaning out and stretching a little he could well touch the wall of the opposite house. So if he managed to enter the house across the street, he could talk to his beloved from the balconies and then between the two of them they could find a  solution to their problem.

Asking and asking, he found out who the owner of the house was and  bought it for him at a “gold price.” Thus, still locked up and without their father’s knowledge, Carmen and Don Carlos spent long nights talking on the balconies. Until one day the father heard murmurs in the room and found the couple reunited. Enraged and violent as he was, he stabbed a dagger into his daughter’s chest. Faced with the facts, Don Carlos fell silent with horror and only let a tender kiss fall into the hands of his beloved.  A few days later, Don Carlos, unable to bear living without Carmen’s love, launched himself from the main shot of the Mina de la Valenciana.  

The legend of El Callejón del Beso tells that if a couple visits this place and kisses each other right on the third step of this alley, they will have happiness for seven long years. But whoever does not do it and passes by the place, will have seven years of very bad luck.  If you go alone and without a partner, don’t worry, no curse will fall on you, but it is recommended that you look for a partner as soon as possible and return to this magical place located in the City of Guanajuato.  

“El Callejón del Beso” is barely 69 centimeters wide, the balconies of the two houses in this alley practically touch.